Let’s Build A Wall

Let’s Build a Wall:


Walls. Keeping criminals inside for a millennium, yet somehow rumored to be useless keeping people out.

“Outrageous”, “mostly disliked by Latinos”, “only 18 percent of Latinos take him seriously”, “That son of a gun who says we’re all thieves?”, “a man of poor moral principles”, “not Christian”, there have been many reactions to The Donald’s immigration policies regarding Mexico, but are they deserving or do they even have a modicum of truth? No.

I’m going to explain why, as someone who has historically voted Democrat and has many Mexican American friends, coworkers, and even some family members, I am excited about The Donald’s policies moving forward and I believe many Mexican American’s and Democrats should take a second look at The Donald.

1)  It makes little sense for a legal immigrant to support illegal immigration:

I doubt few if any would argue that the immigration system is long overdue for reform. The path to U.S. citizenship for a legal Mexican immigrant is unbearably long as compared to legal immigrants of other countries. A 20 year wait for citizenship for those who have direct ties here is simply far too long. A expedited quota is necessary as I will mention later, but there should be an expansion of what qualifies as “fast tracking”.

What message are we sending?

Thus said, what kind of message are we sending legal immigrants if we were to give illegals the same kind of benefits or give them a “fast track” to citizenship? If promoting legal deviance and punishing legal adherence makes sense to you, please explain it to me. Actually, please give me some examples I can look up to understand this phenomena. Thanks. These people struggled down one of the toughest paths to citizenship in the world, sometimes working their entire lives towards the goal, and this is how we reward them? What about those that have risked their lives in our military in order to be “fast tracked” to citizenship? Thanks for your efforts, now F off?


Illegal Immigrants have no binding attachment to the U.S..

Illegal immigrants have no real attachment specifically to this country. Many view all Mexicans along the same lines as illegal immigrants. This is beyond a doubt absolutely wrong, but we are completely ignoring the reasons for this. It goes beyond “dumb, ignorant, uneducated, rednecks” as many would have you believe. The truly ignorant ones in this area are primarily far far left liberals. If you think racism is a concept that stems from the poor and uneducated, you my friend, are a complete moron. So what do I mean by an attachment to this country?  This goes beyond the ability to read, write, and understand English (which, by the way, it is necessary to learn the country’s language to become a citizen in the vast majority of countries.) It is the understanding of our government, history, laws, and the fact that they never pledge allegiance.

No loyalties, no allegiance.

Allegiance? No big deal, right? What if, we were suddenly thrust into a war with Mexico. Yes, highly unlikely, but we also thought so in the past and it has happened! There is precedence for this exact danger. What do you think about these illegal, undocumented immigrants then? 90% of people that are advocating for illegal immigrants are complete hypocrites. We found this out when these same people advocated for Japanese internment camps when others wanted to temporarily halt immigration far before this. In other words, of course they can come here, but as soon as we are truly scared we are going to do something times worse to them. This reminds me of when I was in the Army and rolled my eyes every single time at someones “declaration of atheism” only to see……literally every single one pray as soon as they were put in a situation where there was just a modicum of the possibility that their life was threatened.  In other words, there exists a prevalent level of eye-rolling lack of introspection.

2)  The costs:
The perception that immigration officers are going to go door to door searching for Mexicans to deport is preposterous. 

Let’s be honest here, from day 1 the media has been trying to make every tie possible they can with The Donald and Nazi Germany. And, honestly, The Donald has helped them out too much in that regard with some of his “outrageous statements” when he knows they will be spun.

Why would anyone think there is the need to go door to door, like the SS in Nazi Germany, searching every nook and cranny for Mexicans? There isn’t. The entire concept of building a wall makes it completely unnecessary. Think about it, if we have a wall in place, why would we have to make such additional efforts beyond what is being done today to remove illegals if they can’t get back in? Potentially 3 to 6 million illegal immigrants could be deported with the current infrastructure during a Trump presidency with no addition to infrastructure. That’s roughly 25% to 50% depending on which set of numbers you believe! Imagine that someone built this wall in 1950. Now, add up all the huge amounts that have been spent on illegal immigration since then.  Also add up the massive increases in the way of drug enforcement. Others say we cannot afford to build a wall, I posit this: Can we really afford NOT to build one?

“Migration Policy Institute, a non-partisan group focused on global immigration issues, said in the 2012 budget year that ended in September the government spent about $18 billion on immigration enforcement programs run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the US-Visit program, and Customs and Border Protection, which includes the Border Patrol. Immigration enforcement topped the combined budgets of the FBI; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Secret Serviceby about $3.6 billion dollars, the report’s authors said.”

Funding the wall is much more realistic than others would want you to believe.

Okay, let’s talk specifically about the wall itself. “Mexico is going to pay for it”. Why does everyone treat this like the Mexican president is going to call up The Donald the day after the election and offer to build a wall.  Everyone! The Donald’s clout, unrealistic? Perhaps, if we weren’t privy to the fact that he has just done the same thing with the media and the Republican party in less than a year! He’s 2 for 2 folks, and that’s a great track record for such things. His detractors have just looked foolish, naive, and silly so far when faced with reality, and yet they continue.

What is the possible cost of a wall?

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic, the actual costs of such an endeavor, most likely somewhere in the range of $4 and $20 billion (I am unfamiliar with construction costs but these are generally the range of numbers I have seen so the range is admittedly large). Now the general media would have us believe that this is somehow going to be a lump sum payment due upon The Donald’s presidential inauguration. Not a single article, not one, considers the time it would take to complete such a contract into consideration or the variety of building contract terms available. It is completely ridiculous to not consider anything except for a possible lump sum price and that Mexico must be able to afford this price at any given time.

First of all those that stand against a wall are simply pandering to Mexican voters. If not, explain the deportation statistics.

First off I want to state for the record that our politicians have been giving Mexican’s preferential treatment, as far as deportation goes, to obtain votes. Check out this. While deportations of illegal Mexican immigrants have decreased by nearly half since 2003, they have stayed the same or gone up for generally ALL other Latin American countries. Is that fair? Is that “American”? Talk about bias and racism.

How can we pay these costs without hurting our citizens?

Let’s look beyond border taxes, visa taxes, and trade leveraging, each which could contribute significantly to these costs. This is already readily accessible from donaldjtrump.com. There is also an excellent write-up here. Let us instead start with foreign aid. $1.6 billion projected in 2016 to countries with illegal immigrants here that entered through Mexico. $37 billion projected overall. Beyond raising the question of “why haven’t we used some of these funds to shore up our own shortcomings for a year or two” (everything, even servers have maintenance to ensure the systems work properly going forward) they continue to say how this cost would be directly reflected on the American consumer. Really?

Okay, so I’m mentioning ways to fund it that would be acceptable to me besides having Mexico paying for it because I think The Donald already laid out a pretty strong plan for doing so. Personally I would also be willing to pay a percentage of my taxes…mind you I understand this may not be popular. Now the left will think, “Oh this guy is racist. He is willing to go to those lengths!” Sorry, but wrong. I am an investor and see this as such. An investment in a wall today will result in more money in my pocket down the road.

What about those remittances we hear so much about?

$24.8 billion, not exactly a small amount to be sure. It could definitely play a part in resolving the wall’s costs. Now, admittedly these remittances are partially made up of legal immigrants as well.  They worked hard for it, legally, and should be able to send it to their families even if it is at the American consumer’s expense. Illegals, on the other hand, shouldn’t be allowed to do this at our citizens’ expense.

What do you mean at the American consumers expense?

We are a country based on consumerism, for better or worse. What happens to that $24.8 billion once it leaves the U.S. economy? It isn’t spent here on our goods and services. It completely leaves our system. You may as well burn the money for all the good it does our economy. Mexican’s don’t generally buy our goods. We are getting royally screwed over on all fronts. $24.8 billion may not seem to be too large of a number on its own but consider the rate that remittances have gone up just over the last few years. It’s scary. Our companies are going to Mexico, there is a huge trade deficit, money is leaving our system through a sieve as large as the Grand Canyon, and we are hiring skilled Mexican employees at cheaper rates than their U.S. counterparts…………but we have no leverage. Are these detractors completely daft?

But how do we enforce something like that?

One of the main arguments behind this is that illegals may simply switch to Bitcoin, making it nearly impossible to detect them. Due to the increased cell/smart phone usage of both Mexicans and illegal Mexican’s in this country, this would further be exacerbated. Apparently EVERY journalist who has bought an Apple Watch now thinks they are qualified to include tech in their arguments. I am completely amazed at the amount of these delusional journalists who constantly equivocate their knowledge of “buzz works” to conventional knowledge. Give these guys a degree in hipsterology, oh and make it an Arts degree! There are too many articles to count so I will leave my example as this fine article at Fortune. It is always their primary “rational” argument if not their sole argument. This just goes to show that we indeed now live in an Idiocracy. And by the way, for the record, I am qualified to talk about it both academically and from experience.

Oh, I haven’t listed any support for why the Bitcoin argument is ridiculous, so here we go:
  • First of all, with the amount of crimes now being perpetrated using Bitcoin as a vehicle of exchange it is unrealistic to assume that it isn’t going to have significant government regulation very soon if not an all-out ban. And this isn’t particular to our country. It is managing to stay above water by a very thin layer of ice and there is absolutely nothing protecting it.
  • It is expensive to create the currency compared to its value. Bitcoin mining takes electricity and just isn’t worth it if the value is low. What is often overlooked is that NO currency in the history of the world has lasted when the costs to produce it are so high. What this also means is that any large institution can potentially destroy it overnight. Which it almost did just a short while ago when it dropped 75% of its value in a few weeks.
  • Which brings up the next point, volatility. You may as well set up a joint, international currency trading account at the highest leverage possible because really, that’s what you’re doing. You send $400 home, but the next day it’s worth half that. Does that sound rational to you?
  • Bitcoin is underpinned by absolutely nothing. Technically our paper money isn’t directly anymore either, but we saw the consequences of that during our recession, hyper-inflated gold prices. Bitcoin is worse although there is no precedent so arguing this would be a tough sell to some, but if there is no precedent, most of us look to historical data.
  • Even modest anonymity can be a very arduous process, for example: using TOR, disabling JS, Flash, PDF’s, etc, obtain a new address with every transaction, mask your IP address (because everyone knows torrents were anonymous using the same tech *rolls eyes*, a VPN.
  • All Bitcoin transactions are stored publicly and permanently on the network, which means anyone can see the balance and transactions of any Bitcoin address. It is the most transparent payment network in the world.
  • Exchanges must verify user identities before converting bitcoins to the US dollar and many require it when converting from the US dollar to Bitcoins, thus assuring that the whole transaction is legit. Soon this very well may apply to the Peso as well.
  • If the “Silk Road” and most other criminal activities can be traced…..I’m pretty sure they will be able to nab a few illegal immigrants. (Okay this one is subjective, but still….)
  • Where are they going to cash out their Bitcoin? Each Bitcoin transaction contains where the Bitcoins are from and where the Bitcoins are being sent. This means that once a single address is known, there is a trail to follow the Bitcoins. I’m pretty sure if it reaches a Mexican exchange we just might have a pretty good idea of who sent it.
  • Bitcoin mixing hasn’t really worked well yet. That is, mixing your currency with other peoples’ in the attempt to throw others off the trail.
  • When buying LocalBitCoins the way to keep anonymous is to buy with cash and meet up. Yes, buy and meet up with cash…..as an illegal who will get deported if they report anything happened such as they were robbed or killed for their money…horrible idea.
  • There has to be someone, somewhere that exchanges the Bitcoins for actual money. Find that person and it’s all over, they generally aren’t going to protect you. I hope Mexican’s fully trust their government to protect them when the pressure is on.
  • And lastly, Anti-money laundering laws require you to reveal your identity when buying or selling Bitcoin in many cases making it necessary to take incredibly ridiculous efforts to obfuscate themselves from the blockchain.
  • P.S. or you can just look at any of the numerous studies that have now been done if you don’t believe me regarding Bitcoin anonymity. I suggest MIT’s, Stanford’s, and Brown’s studies myself.
I went a bit overboard there, but I want to reiterate the urgency for all Mexicans illegally staying in this country, you may not think it but we don’t want you to die or come to bodily harm, so please don’t meet up one on one with these people. We have enough people being murdered, mugged, and ripped off through Craig’s List already.
3)  Banning the term “melting pot”

Now this is just a symptom of where things are headed. The U.S. enjoys a large amount of cultural assimilation compared to most countries. It is why we work as a nation, why we have been great. Much is lost because of this, but it is the cost of becoming a great nation. It isn’t even really arguable if you look at history. Countries fall apart if they reach a certain threshold of non-uniformity, and the most successful, long lived countries (or empires in the case of Rome) assimilate their subjects. This also works historically with the idea of a “Republic” which we are.

But now we discourage assimilation and cultural integration, even calling it racist. Unbelievable. The same people that are talking about unity and making America “whole” again are the same ones that are responsible for making an environment where that is an impossibility. We are defying basic human behavior here. This has been the case for (I’m unaware of any exceptions) every single nation in the history of the world. This will be a subject for another time though. So how does this relate to a wall?

Simple, illegal immigration eliminates any mechanism or control we have to keep our own culture and government intact For example, if China were to send just a small percentage of their population, we would soon become the Peoples Republic of America just because there would be more Chinese people here than Americans. Forget a war, all they have to do is emigrate a small percentage of their population because of the population difference. People see The Donald’s video promoting the wall but just don’t get the logistics behind the reasons whatsoever. But what about the concept of a “melting pot” and immigration quotas being racist. Simply stated, unequivocally wrong. This has nothing to do with race. It is all about culture. Most of us could care less what race an immigrant is. What we care about is cultural assimilation. Do you know what is absolutely hilarious? We try to assimilate the cultures of the citizens of nearly all other nations except our own. That is a serious conversation to be had at a later date.

4) Our importation of foreign skilled workers has to stop.
Hire U.S. citizens before importing skilled laborers. Does anyone really have grounds to stand on to disagree with this?

This policy is a leftover of old policy when we had many jobs and few skilled workers, but now far fewer workers are required due to robotics, miniaturization, etc, and yet we are still importing skilled workers as if we still have a glut of these positions to fill. Companies realized that they can still hire foreign workers on the cheap as compared to here and this will not stop until the rest of the world is at the same economic level as us. One world, New World Order, whatever you want to call it, our policies encourage it. Nearly every non-industrialized country has complained at some point how we are hurting them by taking away all of their skilled workers. And this is definitely true, to some degree we hurt other countries for our own sake, but not anymore. Perhaps we deserve it in that way, but are we really going to take it lying down?

5) Changing immigration demographics.
Mexican immigration to the U.S. has most likely peaked, it’s true. However this is a deceptive and faulty argument when used against the building of a wall.

Mexican immigrants are being supplanted by immigrants from other Latin American countries. Predictions based on the rate of increase in recent years suggest to many experts that immigrants from Latin American countries will likely far exceed immigrant from Mexico. This rate of increase will upset any remnants of cultural balance that might still be maintained as mentioned before. Like it or not, many will be angered even more so than now and there will likely be a great deal of cultural violence and even more extremism if this persists. So how would a wall stop it? Simple, practically all of them come across the Mexican border as well. That’s what many don’t understand when the far far left side quotes immigration statistics regarding this they are only including Mexico specifically and not all those that use the border.

And the argument that walls don’t stop anybody is complete B.S. They’ve been used to do so effectively since man first built and are still in use today. There is a reason they are still built and have withstood the test of time. The first thing we do when constructing military bases that aren’t in our territory…..build a wall. Around the White house? Obama funded a wall even though there is already a fence.  Hadrien’s wall, the Great Wall of China, the reason why they tore down the wall between East and West Germany? It’s pretty ridiculous to state that walls don’t stop anybody. Do they stop everybody? Of course not, but using the argument not to do something because it isn’t absolute is ridiculous. And, hell, if they can climb such a wall and then make it to civilization through hundreds of miles of desert or scrub land, personally, I think they’ve earned it.

6)  Illegal immigrants ARE generally criminals:
“How dare you portray illegal immigrants as criminals.” The real statement of truth is the exact opposite, how dare you portray them as not being criminals. Change our laws before you start disregarding them, hypocrites.

Okay, this is a dangerous generalization because those whom have outstayed their visa are not criminals, and generally when we speak of illegal immigrants, we are not talking about them. But what about anyone who has entered this country illegally? They may have not committed violent crimes like rape or murder, but yes, they are indeed criminals. Entering this country illegally, as entering practically any other country in existence illegally, is a criminal offense.

So what about these so called false comments attributed to The Donald? Unequivocally wrong. Over 50% entered illegally. At no time did The Donald ever state that number consisted entirely or even mostly of murderers and rapists. He stated that murderer’s and rapists are coming over, and it’s completely true, some are.

Now, mind you, being an illegal immigrant IN NO WAY means that you are more likely to commit violent crimes, but we have enough murderers and criminals who are U.S. citizens. Let’s say that you had problem children. You are obligated to take care of them, to help them out, to apologize for their misdeeds/mishaps, and to punish them as necessary. Now, let’s say that your neighbor has a problem child. Does this also obligate you as a parent to take care of their child as well? Do you want to be responsible for their behavior in your communities as well? Do you want to pay for them when their parents are perfectly capable of doing so? NO, the very concept is completely ridiculous, at most you’d want to buy them a cookie and perhaps stay overnight once in a blue moon to play with your kids, but it seems to be outside the realm of many peoples’ common sense (a very small realm apparently).

And what about these drug “kingpins” that the media has scoffed?

There are quite few of them actually, but that isn’t the problem. Besides complete journalistic stupidity, another serious problem is presented. The drug industry is like any other industry; for any “kingpin” there needs to exist a robust infrastructure to support their activities. Many of the large amounts of drug arrests here are either members of that infrastructure or victims to it. Mind you, there are many logical arguments and solutions that run contrary to The Donald’s ideas in this matter, but it isn’t quite the simple, black and white problem the media presents it to be.

 Shouldn’t we treat illegally entering this country as any other misdemeanor offense? What is with the disparity?

If you were to cause damages through the perpetration of a misdemeanor offense you would most likely have to pay damages, a fine, or some sort of recompense. Money earned here is being sent home to other countries. It is exiting our economy, therefore should be recompensed. Also, anyone who aids someone entering the country illegally should be treated as an accessory and be liable to paying these damages in lieu of the perpetrator. If this was a black person committing a misdemeanor you know darn well they would be treated in a much more strict fashion, although the opposite argument about whites can also be made so this very well could be a naive concept on my part.

7) The organizations really afraid and affected by the idea of a wall.
I already stated there isn’t a need to actively increase deporting efforts. So, what do you think would happen if The Donald stated this? Do you think anything would really change?

Absolutely not. This will most definitely come to pass once it is realized that with a wall in place we really don’t have to increase our deportation efforts significantly if at all, and eventually they would all but disappear in their current form, breadth, and depth. Who do you then think will be spurring this argument that a wall is such a terrible idea? Those that want to hire cheap labor. Even though benefits are nearly a thing of the past do you really think they are going to provide them any. If a U.S. citizen is treated unfairly we can typically sue a company; not so much for someone who is in fear of being deported.

8) Well that’s it for the wall but there are two other issues which are related, make absolutely no sense whatsoever, and tend to tick me off. Journalists and the term anchor babies.

Empowered journalists:

Jorge Ramos from Univision is a prime example of this. For example, the Dubuque conference. Jorge Ramos breaks protocol, stands up, and starts yelling at Donald. Donald responds, but he just won’t shut up and is disturbing the event. (Mind you he is simply ranting, nothing more) He is then escorted out. This is Donald’s take on events. Ramos insisted to his escorts that “I have the right to ask a question” numerous times.

So watch the video. Okay, without being subjective. Jorge Ramos didn’t ask a SINGLE question. He stood up and started yelling at Trump things like, “You can’t do x it’s against the constitution.” “You can’t do Y”. These are not questions. These are statements. He is not a journalist. He is a lobbyist, one whose employer is currently being sued by Trump.

Jorge Ramos’s statement was absolutely right. He has the right to ask questions, but he didn’t ask any, he made politically fueled, knowingly antagonistic statements. But guess what, we have the right to not answer your questions Jorge, even if they were posed in the most polite way possible. Any conduct beyond this is harassment. Of course, Trump could have just said, “I’m done with you, no comment” as well.

And what did the CEO of Univision have to say? “Donald Trump’s Treatment of Jorge Ramos ‘Beneath Contempt” Haim Saban donated to all of Hillary’s campaigns between 1999 and 2008. The Clinton Foundation, Clinton’s nonprofit has also received between $10 million-$25 million from Saban and his family. But it can’t have anything to do with that right? Would anyone remotely related to the journalistic field with a political agenda please sit down? Oh wait, they can’t because that’s everyone nowadays.

And here come the anchor babies.

Supposedly a racially loaded slur. But here’s the thing. If anyone from any race came here to gain their child citizenship through having the baby here, it is an anchor baby. Any race. Is the N word racist towards Asians? Are polish jokes racist toward Brazilians? Also, there have been and will be white anchor babies as well. It is like crying wolf. This is one of the reasons real racism still runs rampant in this society. Racism now covers everything which may offend someone, or that someone doesn’t like, even though a term may not even apply towards one or more races in particular. The word is now used so lightly, with so few implications, that it has lost all impact whatsoever in the mainstream. And media, just come out and say what you have been subliminally telling us for the past decade: All white people are racists unless they pay you or support your viewpoint 100%.

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